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TeChnotronic graffiti & Scowling man - KesterTester113

Updated: 6 days ago

I know, I know, this one is pretty ridiculous, but I've given you some easy peasy ones in the past - by your own admission = so you really have no right to complain this is difficult.

Cryptic Clue Added!

This gent does not look too happy with me taking his visage in the street. OK, it's Budapest, but which street?

He must be in his mid-60s, which means he's seen a lot. The pic was taken in, I think 1993, so he was probably a young teenager in the war years, and early-mid 20s in 1956. Now he has to put up with a shrinking pension, fast-rising prices, graffiti on buildings (already in need of some TLC) and strangers flashing fancy Japanese-made cameras at him as he takes an afternoon stroll. It just ain't right, is it?

I have to admit I'm scraping the barrel when it comes to KesterTester photgraphs these days. So you get toughies like this one. Now don't complain, because the more devious among you have been using google-ap-whatsits for some time now to help you nail the answers and win fabulous prizes along with world-wide fame.

Even so, my soft-soft heart says I have to give you a bit more of a clue. So here goes: I'm pretty sure I've used a piccie from this street before in a Tester. Can I be fairer than that?

So, answers please using the site messaging system or an email, please put KT113 in your message so I don't lose you and get into trouble with the Competition Committee -not to mention the Brussels authorities - and global celebrity status awaits if you get the right answer. (And of course, the chance to buy me two beers.)

Otherwise, well, I hope you like the piccie - I just hope the gent is a bit happier wherever he is these days, with no need to scowl at snappers in the streets up above.

EXTRA CLUE: Well, this seems to have everyone well and truly flummoxed. So what can I do to help ease your pain over not solving this one?

OK, with my heart in super-soft mode, here's a cryptic clue: This street is what might be considered as 'hard': well, I suppose that's true, but it's also what you might call 'brittle'.


Happy Sleuthing!

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