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Two Ministers, an Ambassador & anti-Communist, former Political Prisoner (Updated with KT29 Result)

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

KesterTester 30 - Something different this week. These people were all Hungarian MPs at different times, and public figures in the 1990s and into the 2000s. Can you identify them?

This week's Tester mght be a bit tough for ex-pat newbies and younger Magyars alike but you can always ask your parents/nighbours.

They are all "interesting" people in their own way. One (unfortunately) gave me the second worst interview of my life, back in 1992. (I still have it on cassette!) One was on a death sentence after the 1956 revolution, but had his sentence commuted.

One was government commissioner heading of one of the most controversially expensive state projects that was ultimately cancelled in the austere 1990s. Two of those pictured are no longer with us.

Let's start with the gent on the left as number 1 (bonus points if you can say when this pic was taken) and work clockwise round the faces, so number 2 is the fellah with his mouth obscured, number three is the lady and number four the chappie leaning on his desk and looking over his glasses.

You can message your answers to me from this site, or send an email if we know each other. Answers - and WINNERS! - will come with next week's KesterTester.

Now - last week's Tester has indeed proved a test! I thought it might be difficult for most ex-pats, but it has stumped many an experienced Magyar reader to boot!

Have another look and send the link to friends and family if you can for their opinions. I promise you it's not a trick question in any way - one regular wondered if I was telling fibs, and it was outside Hungary or the Danube or some river. No - it's a lake, in Hungary - modern day Hungary, that is. Honest.

I'll post the details here tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon, so you still have time to enter.

Oh, and by the way, ex-pats, don't forget Monday is a holiday to commemorate the 1848 Revolution (against that lot in Vienna).

Update: KesterTester 29 - Well - I thought this would be a tough one for most ex-pats, but I assumed a few more Magyars would get it.

In the end, I tried to elicit some correct answers yesterday, but this one seems to have been a real tester. I'm sure there will be some readers who go: "Of course!" when they find out that the lake in question is but 70 km from Budapest, and they just didn't think of it.

I did think about adding the clue that many readers will have flown over it as their planes climbed at around 20,000 - 25,000 feet (my guess) after taking off from Ferihegy on some flight paths - but by then it was too late, as some would not read it, it would have been unfair. (Are there any pilots reading this who would confirm or correct my guess at the typical altitude when flying this way?)

Anyway, it is a lake which, at least in the early 90s, looked beautiful but was, supposedly, quite polluted. Not that that seemed to bother the couple in the boat. Not so well visited, for sure, as Balaton or Velence, probably because it is deeper and more dangerous for kids (?) - it is Lake Tata!

I received but two correct entries, whose numbers duly went into the EU-approved black, wooly competition hat and ... the lucky winner, who now has to endure the countless photo calls and demands for selfies is .... one Annabel Barber, who wrote in (very quickly after publication)

I guess it’s the Tatai tó? I remember going there in 1993, fantastic autumn colours and an amazing array of doddery old scooters and motorbikes every few yards, parked by fishermen. Happy memories. It’s famous for its wild geese, isn’t it?

I don't know about the wild geese, Annabel, but you got the Lake alright! Congratulations.

I have to offer sympathies to Petra Thompson, who was the other correct entry and who wrote in after I sent out some urgent requests in order to create some competition.

In truth, Annabel kind of deserved to win as I accidentally missed out her correct entry for KT28 - for which I feel really sorry.

But condolences to Petra, and better luck next time!

Have a good, safe week, everyone!

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