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Observations from Hungary and Central Europe

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Hungary: Peace - In our Time?

Seven Voices from the Hustings Photo: A campaign poster with the Hungarian word Béke (= Peace) and the image of Prime Minister Viktor...

A Cherubim and Dove of Peace - but where?

KesterTester112 - UPDATED Photo: A far more orthodox KesterTester this time round than the tantalisingly taxing KGT111. This is a regular...

Groundbaiting Balaton

(Greetings of the Season & Best wishes for Christmas 2023 and New Year 2024) Photo: An angler throws groundbait, hoping to attract fish...

Encountering Vlado

Vlado Kreslin, musician, poet and former radio commentator, regarded by many in his native Slovenia as a national icon, will turn 70 on...

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